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KIOXIA Multimedia Automotive Application

A sizable touchscreen at the booth allowed visitors to explore the locations of tiny KIOXIA semiconductors within cars, offering further insights into each product’s functionality.

ITW Global Fasteners Animation Video

A 4K-resolution video was crafted for the automotive trade show IZB in Wolfsburg, ensuring optimal viewing on a large screen. The choice of 3D animation was strategic, effectively showcasing products that couldn’t be filmed at car manufacturers due to confidentiality constraints.”

Chocotech 360° Tour

The exhibitor elected to maximize their 5-day trade show investment by transitioning the exhibit to a permanent online platform. This not only enables visitors to revisit the showcased machinery post-event but also provides an opportunity for those unable to attend the event to discover their machines online for the first time.

EA 3D-Animation + Promotional Video

Prior to the Battery Show Trade Show, a promotional video was launched on social media platforms to boost visitor footfall at the exhibit booth. The booth featured interactive animations on touch screens and 3D animations on standard screens, enhancing its appeal and reflecting the company’s cutting-edge approach.

KRONOS Interactive Animated Pages

Distinct QR codes, linked to the virtual showroom, were prominently displayed across the booth and brochures during the European Coatings Show in Nurnberg. Scanning these QR codes via cell phones or iPads led visitors directly to relevant hotspots, providing them with detailed information on each of the KRONOS services.

Refratechnik VR Booth

RefraTechnik has launched a virtual replica of their booth.  By doing this, they are amplifying their presence and making it easier for attendees to engage with their brand before, during, and after the show. By using technology to their advantage, they are breaking down barriers and connecting with more potential customers than ever before. 

KIOXIA Hypebox Project

KIOXIA has achieved great success at various trade shows in Europe by leveraging the innovative HYPEBOX® hardware. These transparent display solutions allow users to view real products while simultaneously interacting with digital content on the touchscreen. The seamless integration of these cutting-edge hardware with our captivating animations has played a significant role in KIOXIA’s accomplishments at events.

What Our Clients Think

08:46 20 Apr 23
Thanks for the commitment and the good implementation! We can use the interactive graphic well at trade fairs with a touch screen and the graphic is well received on the website. thank you
Tanja KutscheidtTanja Kutscheidt
14:22 22 Nov 22
We are happy with the animations. Great!
Cliff FralickCliff Fralick
14:20 22 Aug 22
Addvideos was excellent in guiding us through the process of developing a virtual showroom, and very quick with edits and updates to produce a fantastic result. Highly recommended for anyone considering a virtual experience to offer their customers.
07:08 03 May 22
We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the project result with AddVideos! Phil understood our requirements and wishes very well and working with him was well structured. Our interactive 3D substation has been successfully implemented. Thank you very much, anytime again!
Daniel MatullaDaniel Matulla
08:59 07 Apr 22
Really good cooperation, fast and good. Phil has super understood what is important to us and the result is as it should be. We look forward to using this in product marketing. Until the next time!
Lillian MarbaiseLillian Marbaise
10:26 07 Jan 22
The collaboration with AddVideos was smooth, professional and very enjoyable. Jointly we provided the end client with a great virtual booth product. We would highly recommend working with AddVideos and are looking forward to our next project with them! Thank you
Andrea VaralliAndrea Varalli
16:45 07 Nov 21
It's a real pleasure working with Phil and his team—outstanding responsiveness, smooth review and feedback process and, of course, the standard of their creative work speaks for itself. Recommended to anyone who values efficiency and quality results 🙂

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