Interactive Animations Boost Exhibit Booth Traffic!

Virtual will support your brand, particularly at trade shows, by providing interactive animations that engage visitors and showcase your products in a unique and memorable way. 

Oliver, a Marcom Specialist, contacted us to develop interactive animations demonstrating the use of tiny but valuable electronic components in large objects such as cars and servers.


Interactive animations for touch screens

Special Options:

Interactive product animations
Offlive application (no need of the Internet)


Live events
Sales rep meetings

What were the two projects that were developed for KIOXIA?

The first project featured a car on a 55” touch screen with interactive hotspots that provided additional product information. The second project leveraged two HYPEBOX devices, which are interactive transparent display solutions that enable visitors to see the real KIOXIA products and interact with the digital content created.

What are the characteristics of the interactive animations created for touch screens?

They are designed to be engaging and interactive, with special options such as interactive 360-product animations to figure out how the products look like. The offline application was designed to function without an internet connection, making it a more secure option for trade shows, where internet connectivity can be unreliable.

In what settings can these interactive animations be used?

Live events like trade shows and sales rep meetings offer great opportunities to use interactive animations for engaging potential customers and showcasing products in a dynamic and memorable manner.

Why did KIOXIA choose to use interactive animations at trade shows?

There were several reasons: 

1. Trade shows can be expensive, and KIOXIA’s smart marketers leverage interactivity to attract visitors and create a first contact with potential customers. 

2. KIOXIA’s products are often not visible to the naked eye, so displaying a car on a large touch screen allows visitors to recognize the product they may be involved in, bridging the gap between product invisibility and object awareness.

What was KIOXIA’s previous approach to representing their products in the automotive industry?

Previously, KIOXIA used static images on websites and PDFs that represented non-clickable hotspots on a car. However, such static representations did not allow users to interact with the product, which could lead in a high number of wasted leads.


How does KIOXIA use these interactive animations?

KIOXIA has been an early innovator in using interactive animations at various trade shows for several years, resulting in an increasing number of visitors coming to their exhibit booth event after event. They are also considering creating an online version for their website.


Who is KIOXIA?

KIOXIA is a multinational computer memory manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, that offers cutting-edge flash memory solutions and SSD. With a focus on leading-edge flash memory products, KIOXIA Europe is responsible for product introduction and migration into next-generation technology.


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