We have created a virtual showroom for CHOCOTECH that complements their trade show booth and surpasses traditional exhibition methods by extending their booth’s life span.

Following a fortuitous encounter with Volker Guennel, the Director of Sales and Marketing at CHOCOTECH, we embarked on a transformative journey to deliver a remarkable 360 panoramic tour in just four days. 


•Virtual Showroom

Special Options:

• 50 interactive images with hotspots
• Navigation Map


• Website
• Conference Calls

Why CHOCOTECH decided to have a virtual Showroom?

Virtual tours are a beneficial option for companies that have already exhibited in a fair because they extend the life span of the virtual booth and reach to a global audience, are cost-effective, offer flexibility and convenience, provide enhanced engagement and detailed information, generate valuable analytics and data, and align with sustainability goals, allowing companies to showcase their offerings to a wider audience and make informed decisions while reducing costs and environmental impact.

How does the 360 panoramic tour empower CHOCOTECH to engage with clients?

CHOCOTECH now has a powerful tool to follow up with existing clients and attract new ones. By immersing visitors in their virtual showroom, they can explore the booth, interact with products, and gain a comprehensive understanding of CHOCOTECH’s offerings. This engaging experience fosters stronger connections and increases the likelihood of securing new business opportunities.

What additional features enhance CHOCOTECH's virtual showroom experience?

In addition to panoramic images, we have integrated PDFs providing detailed descriptions of CHOCOTECH’s machines next to related products. This enriches the visitor experience, enabling them to understand how the machines work and make informed decisions.

How does AddVideos.com facilitate easy exploration of CHOCOTECH's virtual showroom?

We have created a left-hand side menu that offers easy navigation and quick access to sections such as “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and “360° Views” showcasing thumbnail previews of the panoramic images. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall user experience.

How does ChocoTech extend their online presence?

To further amplify CHOCOTECH’s online presence, we have incorporated a collapsible menu on the right-hand side of the panoramic tour. This menu features clickable buttons that link visitors to CHOCOTECH’s LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, facilitating effortless engagement and expanding their reach on popular social media platforms.

How quickly did AddVideos.com deliver the final product?

In an astonishingly short timeframe, we completed the 360 panoramic tour for CHOCOTECH in just four days, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations and a prompt implementation of their virtual showroom.


CHOCOTECH’s decision to partner with AddVideos.com for their 360 panoramic tour has proven to be a game-changer. By embracing cutting-edge technology, CHOCOTECH now has a powerful tool that enables them to engage with clients, attract new business, and extend their reach beyond the limitations of traditional trade shows. With a captivating virtual showroom that operates 24/7, ChocoTech is well-positioned to dominate their industry and establish themselves as pioneers in embracing immersive digital experiences.

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