Meet the Team

Our talented professionals, renowned for their expertise, are the driving force behind our growth and the key to making your video visions come to life.

We prioritize assembling the best experts globally, transcending geographical boundaries, while maintaining a Project Management in Europe.

With their collective brilliance and creativity, our team works hard to deliver impactful and visually captivating videos that resonate worldwide. 


Phil is a true global citizen with a positive outlook on life. He has worked in over 10 countries across 3 continents, bringing a wealth of diverse experiences to our team. When he's not revolutionizing the business world, you'll find him exploring the globe on his bike, always seeking new adventures.
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As our dynamic project manager with a passion for cinema, tech and chess, he adds a cinematic perspective to our work.When he's not busy managing projects, you'll find him strategizing his next move on the chessboard.
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A concept art expert with an 8-year career, Kate has worked with industry leaders like Amazon and Samsung. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, she draws inspiration from Disney and Pixar. When she's not creating visual masterpieces, Kate is a multi-talented artist and world traveler, always accompanied by her three feline friends.
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As our resident expert in motion design, Max specializes in crafting captivating 2D and 3D animations. With experience creating content for industry giants like Amazon and McDonald's, he brings unmatched dedication to his craft. When he's not behind the screen, Max enjoys composing music, snowboarding, and drawing inspiration from Disney and Pixar classics.
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Over 7 years of experience in VR/AR, he keeps researching and updating to optimize user experience and create cool projects. He loves photographing and cool tech gadgets.
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Hieu is a skilled and enthusiastic web developer, always eager to explore the latest technologies and apply them in creative ways. In his free time, Hieu indulges in his love for football, enjoys immersing himself in captivating sci-fi movies, and embarks on exciting travel adventures to broaden his horizons.
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Pay attention to details, calm under pressure and able to find considered solutions, she makes sure that the wheels of production and client service turn smoothly. She loves technology and traveling.
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With over a decade of experience as a graphic designer, she has created stunning websites, presentations, logos, and more. Outside of work, She finds solace in hiking through breathtaking mountains. In fact, She has built a beautiful house in a city surrounded by undiscovered places, lush green mountains, and tranquil lakes.
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The creative wizard behind breathtaking 3D magic! From video games to films, animations, and ads, Ân's computer sorcery knows no bounds. With mind-blowing CGI and cutting-edge tech, Ân crafts immersive 3D worlds that captivate and communicate. Prepare to be spellbound by Ân's enchanting creations!
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Mert is a 3D rendering artist who loves creating realistic and immersive scenes with his computer skills. He enjoys watching sci-fi movies and imagining the future of technology and humanity. He also likes analog photography because it captures the beauty and authenticity of the moment. He pays attention to small details in everything he does, because he believes they make a big difference.
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As our dynamic performance marketing manager with a passion for fitness, technology, and sports, he brings a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to our marketing efforts. When he's not busy optimizing conversion funnels, you'll find him working out at the gym or looking for new updates for his speciality
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