3D-Animations Instead Of (Impossible) Live Footage

What to do if you are missing the right footage? 3D-animations!

ITW’s Marcom Manager Stephanie needed a solution for showcasing products in a no-filming zone, and TSE’s Marcom Director Marie sought to enhance client understanding through immersive environments. Our 3D-animations delivered exceptional results for both.


3D-animations instead of live footage

Special Options:

Both animations created from scratch with absence of any info
Various sub-animations creation for every channel


Trade show exhibit booths
1-on-1 client meeting
Social media: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
Client website

How will ITW and TSE use those animations?

  • ITW was planning to exhibit at the IZB Auto Show (IZB Messe) in Wolfsburg, and required this 3D-animation explainer to present their innovative technologies. Another sub-version was generated after the show, to be used by their sales teams and to be posted on various social media such as on LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • TSE had produced new very innovative prototypes, which they needed to demonstrate in “live environments” (our 3D-animation) in order to be able to market and pre-sell them.


Why did ITW and TSE opt for 3D-animations?

In both cases, those technological companies were not given the possibility to record live footage in their environments:

  • As for ITW, their products are being used by car manufacturers, which production areas are highly competitive and confidential.

  • As for TSE, their latest product range are not installed yet. However, they already need to show their clients how they look in a realistic environment.


Why 3D-animations (vs. not 2D)?

3D-animation was the obvious technology for both companies to meet their objectives:

  • ITW needed to show exactly how their products could be used by robots in every production situation during the car manufacturing process.

  • TSE wanted to show both their product features and how well suited they are in a natural environment, thus their choice for this realistic animation.


Where are those animations hosted?

Both animations are hosted by the respective clients (final files and rights are sent to the clients at the end of the project: absence of royalties and copyrights), but AddVideos also proposes hosting plans as additional options.


What info were required for AddVideos to create those animations?

ITW had some STEP files of their pads available, but that was all. TSE could not provide us with any product STEP files, so we had to create their products in 3D from scratch based on some low-quality images we were sent.

The rest of the environments for both companies -the production area for ITW, or the nature composed of butterflies, frogs, lizard, grass and flowers for TSE- came all from our own creative teams.


How much development time was required?

6 weeks were required for ITW, from the kick-off to the final delivery. 2.5 months were required for TSE, which scope continued to evolve during the production.


What’s next?

ITW is requesting some sub-versions for other uses (original objective was for a trade show, but this same video will now be used by their sales reps during 1-on-1 clients meetings and online).

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