Interactive Animations For Successful Product Launch

EA Product Manager Martin intended to carry out a successful product launch.

Combining our digital services together with their trade show participation, EA Elektro-Automatik was able to promote their new products successfully both online and offline.


Interactive 360°-3D-animations

Special Options:

Button for selecting the right side view


At exhibit’s booths
On social media (especially LinkedIn)
EA’s client newsletter
Available 24/7 on EA’s website

Why did EA opt for such interactive animations?

EA products are complex, and such animations allow their clients to discover visually the product features in an easy manner.

In addition, a new product launch was the opportunity for EA to have several of their past products to be also represented with the same types of interactive animations.


Where are those animations hosted?

AddVideos sends by default all animations’ files to every client, so that they can proceed with their own webhosting if they decide to do so. AddVideos also proposes a three-month free webhosting service onto its own servers, from which the configurators can then be integrated and streamed in every possible website (using AddVideos servers was the option ultimately chosen by EA).


What info were required for AddVideos to create those animations?

The 3U-animation was first created based on photos taken by EA with a cell phone, sparing both parties a meeting at the company.

In a second phase, EA was finally able to provide AddVideos with the product STEP files, which AddVideos could easily import and edit. All textures had to be created from scratch though, by using EA’s photos shot with a cell phone.


How much development time was required?

Four real-time animations were finally developed within the period: the version #1 of the first animation was developed and sent within a week (it then followed the regular improvement process through a few client iterations until completion). As this first animation set the standards for the other animations, each other animation was developed and delivered within a few days. EA’s challenging deadline was easily met.


What’s next?

EA will have us complete those first four animations for other products next month, so that their whole product range is ultimately covered.


Who is EA?

The EA Elektro-Automatik Group is Europe’s leading supplier in the area of power electronics for R & D and industrial applications, more info at

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