5 Top Interactive Videos Used by Great Exhibitors

Hi, I am Phil Jordan, the CEO of AddVideos.com.

I visited numerous well-known international trade shows in 2018:

I focused on the multimedia used by exhibitors so that I can offer, MarCom professionals such as yourself, valuable insight on audio visual trends to best promote your products, services and company.

Let me introduce them by category and first start with interactive items:

  1. … with the company EBPM, with lots of options to select with their Touchscreen. I just regretted the absence of their items being animated: static made them a bit boring to me, what do you think?
  2. Constellium showed beautiful 3D objects with the possibility for the users to move them 360°, to enlarge them or to minimize them at choice. You can still find them on their website at those URLs:http://aerospace.products.constellium.comhttp://automotive.products.constellium.com
  3. Bosch GmbH showed also similar 3D items to Constellium, but with a vertical screen instead.
  4. TDK showed this very technical 3D car, although I was missing a bit of the animation, for instance showing this same car driving in an external environment would have certainly made it more attractive.
  5. This exhibitor had this fantastic 3D animated industrial world showing its production process. The staff standing at the IZB booth was very proud to show this to all visitors, who were numerous to very interested at understanding what they were looking at and touching.

As you can see, these are amazing displays. If you are planning to participate in an exhibition for 2019, being blah and bland will no longer work! If you are ready to get creative, get in touch!

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