Introducing Our Latest Futuristic Service: Virtual Reality Time Travel©!


Experience history like never before with VR Time Travel©! Our virtual reality technology solution is so advanced that it creates a fully immersive experience, allowing you to feel like you’re really in the past. 

The only difference is that the real people from the past aren’t aware of the virtual aspect, so you won’t be able to interact with them directly*


Unmatched Experience!


Dr. Lathmett Emrop Browne from Mountain Plain University reminds all time travelers to protect their identity, to be aware of possible side effects, and to refrain from altering the timeline: people in the past are not aware of time travelers, so please be careful to keep your status a secret.
* This service is valid until 01st April 2023.

Early Access Reviews

"I've never experienced anything like Virtual Reality Time Travel©! It was amazing to sail with Christopher Colombus and feel like I was discovering the South America. The team at did an incredible job creating such an immersive experience (too bad he could not hear me though). I am planning to jump from the stratosphere with Felix Baumgartner next."
Adam Sendler
Head of Design
"Initially doubtful, Virtual Reality Time Travel© surpassed my expectations: live witnessing the JFK assassination, I stood in awe in front of the Lincoln Continental convertible car. Although still in shock, I am eager to try the experience again and aim to identify the shooter next time: expect breaking news from me near soon!"
Mila Kunis
Marketing Manager
"I couldn't believe how real it felt! I was transported back to Germany and working as an assistant of Einstein! By the way, did you know his mustache was fake? I saw him remove it after students left his class! Thanks for AddVideos enabling me to see such things."
Mike Sendler

We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Our team has created a seamless and immersive tour that will transport you to another time and place. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to witness history. Contact us now for the early access! 

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