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We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate for our video production services and we’re happy to have helped our clients boost their sales by up to 1,000% with our creative solutions.

Virtual showroom

We offer unique virtual showroom designs that are brand-centric, helping your customers engage with your products in immersive ways that are sometimes not possible in a traditional format. We can create the digital twin of your real exhibition booth, which enable your sales reps to engage your visitors without geographical limits into a fully interactive experience and to communicate with them via live video conferencing and chat. A virtual trade show booth with an integrated virtual store allow your consumers to explore your product offer as they would do in real life comfortably from their home.

VR tours with 360° images

Showrooms, exhibit booths, production facilities…perfect places to show clients exactly what you do. Now let’s take that one step further. We can shoot panoramic 360° images of your showcase locations with our special cameras and add interactive hotspots - so visitors can discover and explore your products and services digitally anytime and anyplace in a form of a virtual reality tour.

Real-time animation

Fully immerse your clients in your products and services by showcasing your USPs in an intuitive, intelligent and informative way. Consumers value and understand a complex product much more if they can see it from different angles. Real-time rendering can easily be integrated on your stylish website and attractive virtual showroom – effective, impactful, and even fun!

Customized virtual space

You name it and we can create it! Everything from stylish exhibit booths to space shuttles, laboratories, nuclear plants, or even realistic 3D moonscapes…the only limit is your imagination! Bring your vision to life with AddVideos!

Video and animation services

Need corporate or product videos? We do all types, ranging from 2D&3D-animations, interactive animations, live footage, cartoon-animations, motion graphics and so much more.

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