Inspired by values such as the centrality of human life, passion for innovation and the dissemination of safety awareness, Genesi by Somain Italia has a clear intrinsic Vision for its employees, for all business areas and roles, for its collaborators, services and in its products: "To be the arms that save workers’ lives and protect their dreams".

The Genesi by Somain Italia mission is: To protect and implement solutions that safeguard people’s lives. To disseminate awareness of the right to work safely, to allow employees to return home safe and sound every day. Their safety product range include solutions for fall protection, confined space, PPE and wind turbines.
Virtual booth with Panoramic photos
Special options:
Removal of background around booth
365/24/7 on client's website

Why did GENESI opt for virtual booths?

Even in 2019 many exhibitors were doing the maths and realizing that participation at live exhibitions was too expensive because of exhibit booth design and construction, travel/food/accommodation for staff, logistics, storage, security, etc. GENESI found that by shooting panoramic images directly at an event venue it could dramatically increase ROI by communicating their products digitally to existing and potential customers online.


Where did GENESI use virtual booths?

The panoramic images were shot in Düsseldorf during the A+A trade show 2019, and then posted online on the company’s website.


Why remove the booth’s background?

GENESI wanted to have their visitors focus exclusively on their booth (and not show other companies).