Complex Products Made Easy with Virtual Showroom

MAGCAM, based in Leuven, Belgium, pioneers advanced measurement systems, notably the Magnetic Field Camera (Magcam). This innovation, powered by a cutting-edge magnetic field sensor and MagScope software, enables rapid, precise 3D magnetic field mapping.

Teaming up with AddVideos enhances MAGCAM’s communication of complex technology.


Virtual booth with CAD- template

Special Options:

Real-time animation
3D-product integration


365/7/24 on client’s website

Why did MAGCAM opt for this virtual showroom?

MAGCAM wanted to offer a more engaging experience to their website visitors, than they used to have with their former regular website composed of text, images and PDFs.

All MAGCAM sales representatives were also given the opportunity to use it both online during conf calls, and offline with clients during in-person meetings, as an additional support for explaining complex products.

Where is this virtual booth used?

365/24/7 on the client’s website, and by the sales team during conf calls and one-on-one meetings.

Why real-time animations?

With products measuring just 2.7mm x 12.7mm, 2D plane 0.1mm spatial resolution website images alone could not convey product qualities. In contrast, their real-time animation enables users to rotate 360 and zoom in/out to see features in fine detail.

How much did it cost?

This virtual showroom leveraged an existing design template and was originally charged 2,500 EUR. Book a demo for an individual price offer!

Who is Magcam?

Magcam, with headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, is a high tech company offering a unique Magnetic Field Camera (Magcam) measurement system. The Magcam magnetic field camera measurement platform is an advanced digital matrix magnetic field sensor that measures three-dimensional magnetic field maps with high spatial resolution at high speed. 

The Magcam magnetic field maps are analyzed in real time using Magcam’s powerful MagScope software. Magcam offers a product range consisting of measurement hardware, advanced data analysis software, automation software as well as measurement services, feasibility studies and development projects.

Magcam wanted to enlarge the size of its products so that people could appreciate their appearance: so we worked our technological magic and increased MiniCube3D size by 1000x. Seeing is believing!

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