Exhibit Booth Panoramic Tour For Investment Optimization

“Optimizing our investment at trade shows.”

This was exhibitors’ objective at the annual international Medica. Digitizing exhibit booths extended investment life span by doubling up and promoting content cross-channel: social media, newsletters, websites, etc.

This had two huge pluses: reaching out to customers who missed out on Medica, and reinforcing the message online for those who did visit and wanted to reexperience the products: minimal investment for maximum reach.


Panoramic images shot at the Medica tradefair (Dusseldorf)

Special Options:

Express 5-days delivery
Booth is highlighted (visitors and other suppliers are darkened)
Real-time animation integrated as augmented reality


Client acquisition for visitors unable to attend Medica
365/24/7 on client’s home page / News section

Why did Medica exhibitors opt for virtual booths?

The pandemic took a heavy toll on even the most established trade shows, and Medica was no exception. The international trade fair for medical technology, which has attracted professionals for over 40 years, was canceled in 2020 and struggled to regain its footing in 2021, when it barely achieved 60% of 2019 attendance rates. The Dusseldorf location was almost empty from day two onwards, and the most notable absences were those of Asian and US participants, caused by travel restrictions and concerns over the new variant.

The lukewarm reception of post-pandemic trade shows led many exhibitors to seek additional marketing solutions or even rethink their strategy altogether and switch to digital showrooms, which are digital twins of physical trade show booths. Our team was happy to assist several Medica exhibitors with personalized VR tours that helped them expand their reach outside the trade show and boost client acquisition with minimal investments.

AddVideos took on the challenge to create 360 virtual reality tours for our clients Hänsler Medical and Huntleigh and we believe that the results perfectly showcase the power and versatility of virtual showrooms. The panoramic images were shot at the Medica trade show in Dusseldorf, using special 360-cameras, which were later edited and improved to highlight desired products or remove confidential areas. Real-time animations were integrated as virtual reality, and the digital showroom also features videos and links to the exhibitors’ social media pages.

How did our clients use virtual booths?

Virtual showrooms, or VR tours, are immersive 360 tours that work as digital twins to physical trade show booths. For Medica exhibitors, they’re a smart way for businesses to extend the lifespan of their physical booths and thus optimize their investment.

Virtual showrooms can be easily integrated into your website and any other marketing & communication channels and they are live 24/7, 365 days a year. As opposed to brick-and-mortar exhibit booths, which are no longer available once the trade show is over, the exhibitors’ digitized exhibit booth can then be promoted on their website and social media, and leveraged with clients easily through conference calls. Virtual guests from all over the world can interact with them, which is a major plus in a post-pandemic landscape. Thus, participating exhibitors can still keep in touch with potential clients who couldn’t attend the trade show, which equals more engagement and sales opportunities.

Better yet, the panoramic tours can easily be integrated with future events. This way, exhibitors gain a maximum return on investment.

Who are Hänsler Medical and Huntleigh?

About Hänsler Medical – Medical ozone as bioregulator in its “low dose concept” form, has over the decades established itself as a scientifically-proven treatment concept in complementary medicine. Dr. J. Hänsler offers systems that are perfectly matched to each other, ideal for medical ozone application.

About Huntleigh – Huntleigh is a leading global provider of innovative and high quality medical equipment for healthcare professionals. The Diagnostic Products Division can proudly boast world leading brands such as Dopplex, Hydroven, Sonicaid and Smartsigns, covering healthcare requirements in Vascular Assessment & Treatment, and Obstetrics & Patient Monitoring.

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