3D-Configurators for Speeding-up Client's Decisions

Clear showcasing leads to fast sales!

Europe Fabio’s business developer wanted “to simplify their complex product presentation” to enable customers to make Elica purchase decisions “within 5 minutes”.

So we set about creating 10 interactive 360°-3D-configurators for their new product launch – available to clients at their B2B website and at consumer webstores (such as Amazon).


Interactive 360°-3D-configurators

Special Options:

On/Off light & opening/close device button
Slider for changing the color LED intensity
Button to set the wall or the ceiling colors
Hotspot to simulate smoke aspiration


Integration into Amazon, Boulanger and Darty webstores
Available 24/7 on Elica’s B2B website

Why did Elica opt for such configurators?

Beat the competition by offering online features that their direct competitors don’t have, especially to enable their clients to make a decision for kitchen devices within 5 minutes (the average time). Those configurators enable the user to figure out immediately and intuitively each and every product aspect, without the need to search for the information or to waste time at reading brochures.

In addition, Elica wanted to emphasize some of its product differentiating characteristics, which regular brochures, images, or even videos and animations would not fully representreal-time animations are now able to show lighting and material exactly as they want.


Why a configurator?

In addition to regular interactive animations, those configurators also allow the users to click on parameters switching on/off the light, opening/closing the device, and changing the background and device’s colors. Future purchasers can much better figure out how those devices will look like in real life.


Where are those animations hosted?

AddVideos sends by default all animations’ files to every client, so that they can proceed with their own webhosting if they want it. AddVideos also proposes a three-month free webhosting service onto its own servers, from which the configurators can then be integrated and streamed in every possible website (using AddVideos servers was the option ultimately chosen by Elica).


What info were required for AddVideos to create those animations?

Unlike many of AddVideos’s clients, Elica had some STEP files available, which AddVideos could easily import and edit. All textures had to be created from scratch though, by using regular product images.


How much development time was required?

Ten real-time animations were finally developed within the period: the version #1 of the first animation was developed and sent within a week (it then followed the regular improvement process through a few client iterations until completion)As this first animation set the standards for the other animations, each other animation was developed and delivered within a few days. Elica’s deadline (global product launch) was easily met.


What’s next?

Elica will complete those configurators with all their product ranges those coming weeks. They also consider more sophisticated interactive configurators with flashing hotspots similar to https://basf-vcar.com/, enabling to zoom on specific product areas and to show additional information prompting from pop-up windows.


Who is Elica?

Elica S.p.A. is an Italian OEM manufacturer belonging partly to Whirlpool. It is one of the largest designer and manufacturer of kitchen hoods, induction hobs, and boilers. Elica has been listed since 2006 at the Stock Exchange of Milan, and makes ~ 500 Mio € revenues per year. More info at https://www.elica.com/

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