Watch our LinkedIn Live Webinar: Trade Show Marketing in 2022 – Trends and Best ROI

We seeIn-person events as crucial for businesses, but how do they look like in this COVID era? Many event organizers are proposing hybrid formats lately: are they a deception or a success? How to get the best out of your investment with trade show marketing and the digital use of it in 2022?

Topics of the webinar

  • Looking back at the trade show industry in 2021: hopes and the reality
  • Trends that are shaping the future
  • How to optimize the ROI of your trade show investment in 2022
  • Q&A session

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Our keynote speaker:

In several international marketing positions (Product, PR, Brand strategies) within industries where having a strong presence at trade shows was common practice (automotive and kitchen equipment), Manuel Bortone from Bortone Marketing Consulting worked for more than two decades.These sectors are getting transformed through a massive digitalization of all customer touch points. He is now supporting as an external consultant small and medium sized companies in all their Strategy and Marketing challenges.

About the host:

Phil Jordan, CEO of AddVideos, has helped many businesses with his award winning creative ideas to leverage their ROI, is an active blogger and contributes to several online media related events and exhibitions with his years of experience on the field.

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Date: @11:00 CET 30 Nov 2021

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