Magcam takes one step further by launching an interactive virtual exhibit booth produced by AddVideos

Magcam takes one step further by launching an interactive virtual exhibit booth produced by AddVideos

Magcam wanted to increase its website stickiness and to improve the communication of its highly sophisticated products in the enforced absence of sales reps’ visits and trade shows. AddVideos, a creative agency based in Germany, met its client needs by creating a virtual exhibit booth using CAD-design, by integrating all their branding elements, videos, fact sheets and 3D-products, and by showcasing their product range in an interactive way.

This virtual platform is 24/7 available on Magcam’s homepage, enabling its visitors to pay a visit at their stand at the time of their choice, or to get in touch with their team. AddVideos also used 3D-product integration, as the client wanted to enlarge the size of its products so that people could better understand their appearance.

By launching this virtual booth, Magcam is one of those innovative and rapidly expanding companies thinking outside the box for their marcom strategies“, said CEO of AddVideos, Phil Jordan. “Magcam knows that international trade shows fail attracting their regular international prospects and clients: such an immersive panoramic tour is definitely a cost-effective solution in the context of COVID and increased digitalization.”

VP of Marketing and Biz. Dev., Luc van de Perre, explains that, “Most exhibition organizers offered very limited and basic online booth options in the past 18 months. We found it important to offer our customers and exhibition participants a true virtual booth experience. Even with physical events resuming, we anticipate it will take a while for visitor levels to resume to normal levels. Some of the conferences and exhibitions only attract local visitors, while we want to offer for interested individuals coming from other locations an opportunity to visit our interactive virtual booth to learn what they would have seen at a live event. In addition, we want to offer our website visitors the opportunity of informing themselves about Magcam and our products in other ways.”

About Magcam:

Magcam, with headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, is a high tech company offering a unique Magnetic Field Camera (Magcam) measurement system. The Magcam magnetic field camera measurement platform is an advanced digital matrix magnetic field sensor that measures three-dimensional magnetic field maps with high spatial resolution at high speed. The Magcam magnetic field maps are analyzed in real time using Magcam’s powerful MagScope software. Magcam offers a product range consisting of measurement hardware, advanced data analysis software, automation software as well as measurement services, feasibility studies and development projects.

About Addvideos:

AddVideos based in Germany is a team of creatives offering eye-catching and informative solutions, which include virtual booths, virtual digital spaces, panoramic tours, real time animations, and video production services, everything to attract attention and generate business. AddVideos understands the applied value of quality content and outstanding presentation and has extensive experience working with international companies of all sizes and sectors that target deeper marketing reach, higher brand recognition, and better sales through attractive outreach and by promoting meaningful, engaging connections with clients.

For more information please visit the virtual booth of Magcam:

Press contact at AddVideos: Judit Hunyadi +41 774512208

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