360° Panoramic Tour | How It Can Help You Promote Your Brand?

Meaningful interactions between brands and customers are at the heart of success. When done right, they drive sales, boost engagement, and establish customer trust.

And yet, these meaningful interactions are harder to come by these days because the media that businesses have counted on for years are either limited or unavailable. Trade shows used to allow brands to reach out to customers in engaging ways, but, in 2021, they were mostly postponed and canceled. When they did take place, it was with social distancing restrictions and low attendance rates. Most interactions have moved online, but there’s still a gap between what customers want to see and what brands can offer. Having a website is great, but it is not easy to convince people that they want to work with a company just by viewing its website. They need a better glimpse into that company’s operations, which is where virtual 360 tours come in.

What Are 360° Panoramic Tours?

A virtual tour is a set of 360-degree panoramic images put together to create an immersive visual experience. Done with special, state-of-the-art cameras and lenses, they give customers a tour of your offices, store, or factory. Viewers can explore the location as if they are there, and interact with it in ways that wouldn’t be possible with basic photography. With 360 virtual tours, it’s as if the viewer is right there, in the middle of the action. For example, you can show them what equipment you use during the production process and how many warehouses you have. It’s like an “open doors” event, without the high costs and the lengthy planning. They’re a creative presentation format that also happens to be aneffective marketing tool.

A 360° Panoramic Tour is the Best Representation of Your Business

A 360 panoramic tour is the best way to showcase what you do and how you do it. 30 seconds of a virtual tour are more relevant than long descriptions on a website, giving potential customers a clear idea of what they can expect from you. With virtual tours, it’s as if they visit your offices in person, except they don’t have to travel and they can explore your headquarters from the comfort of their home.  

They Establish Trust

By giving your audience a virtual tour of your office, factory, or warehouse, you show that you are transparent. And transparency makes prospective customers more likely to trust you. Businesses should keep in mind that, in this day and age, audiences are flooded with marketing messages. Every business that has the smallest online presence boasts about being the best in their field, using the latest equipment to make the best products. But how many businesses can say that they provide evidence of their professionalism by letting customers explore their venues? Virtual tours allow you to show your venue in a way that photos and videos can’t. Viewers can explore your location at their own pace, move the camera around, zoom in and out.

Excellent Return on Investment

Virtual tours can help you boost sales while you sleep. By helping you gain more exposure and boosting customer engagement, they make customers more likely to choose your business. Virtual tours have low costs and no maintenance, but they’re a highly effective marketing tool. After virtual tours are shot and put together, you can upload them on your website and use them all year round, 24/7. This way, with a single investment, you can take advantage of continuous marketing opportunities. 

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