Customized Virtual Spaces Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

Promoting a business in 2021 requires much more than setting up a website and social media accounts. For a company to truly wow its audience, it needs to look beyond basic strategies and invest in tools such as virtual spaces that maximize engagement and create memorable experiences.

The boundaries between real and digital are blurring. Brands and customers may not be able to interact in person anymore – at least not like they used to before 2020 – but customers expect online presentations to be authentic and immersive. And what’s more immersive than virtual reality?

By creating a customized virtual room, you can present your products and services in a unique way, get closer to your customers, and stand out from your competitors.

What Are Customized Virtual Spaces?

Customized virtual rooms use the latest 3D modeling and rendering technologies to showcase your company in impressive environments. You can showcase them on your website, where visitors can explore them in a similar way to virtual booths, exploring them via VR headset is also a good option. This means that audiences can walk around the room/world and they can interact with objects around them as if they were real. It’s the ultimate impressive experience that sparks their curiosity and keeps them interested far longer than any website could.

Our brains only remember 20% of what they see. However, they remember 80% of what they see AND do. Customized virtual spaces pull virtual guests into your world, where they aren’t simple spectators. They can explore it as if they would in real life, which means they’re more likely to remember you.

Most Effective Applications

Customized virtual spaces are a versatile presentation and promotional tool.

Here are some of their most effective applications:

  • Marketing: you can create a customized virtual space where customers can interact with your products in an engaging way.
  • Education: when face-to-face training isn’t possible, customized virtual spaces can be used to train staff and students (i.e., a virtual laboratory, virtual museum, virtual operation room for surgical training, virtual medical care environments, etc.)
  • Business: you can welcome your business partners in a virtual meeting room where they can attend a trade show or exhibition.

Some of the industries that can benefit the most from customized virtual spaces include:

  • IT
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Automotive
  • + more!

With customized virtual spaces, imagination is the only limit. You can place your display in any environment you want (even in space!) and add features such as games, contests, and interactive tasks.

To exemplify the limitless opportunities of customized virtual spaces, we’ve created an example project, a virtual base on the Moon, which you can explore here.

We now have the VR technology to create these impressive environments and you can leverage them to grow your business.

The Benefits of Customized Virtual Spaces for Businesses

  • Infinite design options. Move your company headquarters to outer space or create an exact replica of your real-world surroundings. Add games, jaw-dropping displays, games, and many other interactive elements.
  • Immersive. Customized virtual spaces offer a multi-sensory experience for your guests, who can interact with your company in never-before-seen ways.
  • High-tech. Customized virtual spaces leverage the power of Virtual Reality, which is one of the most promising technologies. Approximately 171 million people use virtual reality worldwide, with the demand for VR expected to skyrocket in the coming years. The fastest-growing VR markets are China, the US, and Western Europe.
  • Versatile. Customized virtual spaces can be used for marketing, training, and informative purposes.
  • Live 24/7. Customized virtual spaces are available all-year-round, and you’re not restricted by the schedule of a physical venue.
  • Affordable. Development costs are much lower compared to the costs of setting up a physical promotional space.
  • High return on investment. With one single investment, you have a creative project that you can use however and whenever you like.
  • Wider reach. customers can explore your customized virtual space from around the world
  • Safer. Customized virtual spaces offer immersive experiences when events can’t be canceled for safety reasons. They are also safer for your products. If during a trade show demonstration or face-to-face training your products can get damaged, the risk doesn’t exist in virtual spaces.

Customized virtual spaces allow you to engage with your audience in the most exciting and engaging way possible. Are you ready to impress your customers? Contact us to learn more.

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