365/7/24 Available B2B Virtual Showroom

High impact for low cost.
This virtual showroom enabled KIOXIA to achieve 8-figure ad impressions, while cutting 6-figure trade show costs.

Sandrine – head of marketing – won the prestigious German Brand Award for this project: https://bit.ly/3KzmnrW

How did KIOXIA increase brand awareness yet decrease ad costs? Find out below.


Virtual booth with customized CAD-design

Special Options:

Real-time animations
Realistic team avatars


Digital events
365/24/7 on client’s website

Why did KIOXIA opt for virtual booths?

Predicting that most live events would be cancelled or fail to attract enough visitors due to pandemic measures, KIOXIA decided in 2020 to invest in attractive and effective virtual booths to digitally target existing and potential clients.

Our innovative virtual booth concept also enabled KIOXIA to stand out from traditional competitors at digital events (where the company also continued to participate), and to showcase itself as a market leader and innovator at a crucial time when the company plans a worldwide IPO.

How does KIOXIA use virtual booths?

A first small virtual booth was released for IFA 2020 in September 2020. This was promoted simultaneously on its website, via social media, and on Google AdWords through four 6-second advertising videos, such as


Following the prototype’s success, KIOXIA decided to have a larger booth that could also be flexibly adapted for various events and targeted at different clients.

Four larger virtual booth versions with 20+ products, digital animations, and videos were then produced and released from October 2020. These were used at digital events (Electronica 2020, Embedded World 2021, CloudFest 2021) and promoted 365/24/7 at https://europe.kioxia.com/

Some new versions are being produced for new digital and hybrid events in 2021 and 2022, and an exciting brand-new virtual booth targeting consumers will be released by October 2021.


Why real-time animations?

KIOXIA’s products are really small – and customers love holding them to check their features and feel: the smallest AG1 version weighs just 0.85g and measures 20 x 16 x 1.3 mm!

And that’s why real-time animations are the ideal solution – enabling KIOXIA to actively involve visitors just like at live events. What’s more, zoom-in/out functions allow them to examine every product detail even better than with the naked eye at a physical booth: https://realtimeanimations.boothhoster.com/KIOXIA/AG1/AG1.html?

Why Realistic Avatars?

KIOXIA wanted a client realistically represented to present a sincere and trustworthy testimony. So we created a CAD-avatar of Petros Jossifidis – the general manager of Prime Line Solutions GmbH. Best of all, this avatar is an exact digital copy of Petros as he appears in the associated video at KIOXIA’s virtual booth.

Who is KIOXIA?

KIOXIA is a multinational computer memory manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, that offers cutting-edge flash memory solutions and services. With a focus on leading-edge flash memory products, KIOXIA Europe is responsible for product introduction and migration into next-generation technology.

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Platinum Award @ Marcom Awards


Gold Award @ Creativity International Award


Winner @ German Brand Award ’22