365/7/24 Available B2C Virtual Showroom

High impact for low cost.

This virtual showroom enabled KIOXIA to achieve 8-figure ad impressions, while cutting 6-figure trade show costs.

Sandrine – head of marketing – won the prestigious German Brand Award for this project: https://bit.ly/3KzmnrW

How did KIOXIA increase brand awareness yet decrease ad costs? Find out below.


Virtual showroom with virtual store feature

Special Options:

Integrated virtual store
Real-time 3D-animations
Dancing avatar
Flying drone
Video presenter at various areas


Client acquisition
Sales tool for the sales team
Available 24/7 at https://kioxia.com
Press release on KIOXIA’s News section
Social media posts


Why did KIOXIA opt for a digital showroom combined with a virtual store?

Combining the best that virtual showrooms and online stores have to offer, the project aims to provide seamless B2C digital interactions, showcasing KIOXIA’s innovative products in unique and engaging ways.
In this virtual showroom, which you can find 365/7/24 from KIOXIA’s home page at https://europe.kioxia.com/, you can find all the top-notch features you’ve come to expect from AddVideos virtual exhibition showrooms, plus an integrated virtual store.
This way, guests can view extensive presentations of KIOXIA products and then purchase them straight from the virtual showroom, as if they attended a real life showroom.

What special features does this virtual showroom have?

Besides the virtual store feature, there are other unique interactive elements integrated such as a dancing avatar and a flying drone. eSports player Kobbe is also there, sitting at his desk with a unique 3D-customized character.

Why have a virtual presenter?

The showroom also has a virtual presenter appearing in different areas. In the age of digital interactions, a virtual presenter is a great addition to welcome visitors, point them to the right areas to visit, and this ultimately brings on more realism and engagement.

How are the products presented in this virtual showroom?

Guests can see 18 real-time animations of products being unboxed – mimicking the exact purchaser behavior if they were visiting an electronic store -, which are digital twins of existing real-life products.

Who is KIOXIA?

KIOXIA is a multinational computer memory manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, that offers cutting-edge flash memory solutions and services. With a focus on leading-edge flash memory products, KIOXIA Europe is responsible for product introduction and migration into next-generation technology.

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