Welcome to AddVideos

Hello everyone!

We’re really happy and excited to announce that our new website is now live and we can’t wait to share with you the latest updates about AddVideos here.

AddVideos is a cross-shareholding venture between SuperStand and Top2D3D, two video production companies who have collaborated for more than 5 years on 100+ projects. We decided to join forces in order to expand our team and offer the latest in video production services to our international clients.

Thanks to our combined experience on the European, Asian and American markets and the creative force of a team of world-class designers and developers, we are now able to create better videos than ever before and help our clients increase their sales with awesome video content.

The partnership brings Superstand’s enterprise customer base to Top2D3D’s technologies, creating a complete video marketing solution that will enable organizations to promote their services in a creative way that makes a lasting impression.

Our companies have built a strong relationship over the years and we are honored to team up with a partner that shares our commitment to delivering cutting edge video production solutions. Combining Superstand’s knowledge of local markets with Top2D3D’s innovation marks the beginning of an exciting new start and our clients can expect AddVideos to grow into a prominent and mature video production company.

Existing customers of Superstand and Top2D3D will continue to receive the leading-edge services that they’ve come to expect.

What AddVideos offers

Over the years, we’ve worked on various projects for both small and large organizations and you can contact us for videos such as white board, cartoon animations, motion graphics and more. From consultation and script to video creation and post-processing, we make sure the video meets your requirements 100%. You can check out the full list of services or contact us if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for updates!

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