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Quickly Google-search how to stand out in a trade show and you will always find the following suggestions:Create buzz...Be creative...And invest in a great display! Well, what if we tell you that you can hit all these must dos simply by getting our Digital Aquariums ?You're probably think...
Posted by Admin in Events | 23 Jan, 2019
Hi, I am Phil Jordan, the CEO of I visited numerous well-known international trade shows in 2018: I focused on the multimedia used by exhibitors so that I can offer, MarCom professionals such as yourself, valuable insight on audio visual trends to best promote your products...
Posted by Admin in Events | 23 Jan, 2019
It's been a busy two months at AddVideos: we visited no less than 10 trade shows in the past 60 days and we're excited to share with our followers what we've been up to. Trade shows have always been an important part of our activity and we're always interested in attending events to suppor...
Posted by Admin in Events | 28 Nov, 2018
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