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Company and industry trade shows were some of the first events to be hit by the Coronavirus crisis. Starting in Asia, the first wave of cancellations spread quickly across continents, taking its toll not only on organizers but also on businesses, which relied on trade shows for networking ...
Posted by Admin in Virtual Showroom | 30 Jun, 2020
In the absence of brick and mortar trade shows, virtual trade shows can help you maintain consistency in your networking and marketing efforts, engage with clients and business partners, and even gain access to a bigger audience. But the audience's attention is not a given, in any industry...
Posted by Admin in Virtual Showroom | 13 Jun, 2020
According to a letter from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry written to the European Commission in March, more than 500 trade shows have been canceled or postponed since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, causing estimated losses of $11.1 billion in Europe and $14.6 bil...
Posted by Admin in Virtual Showroom | 02 Jun, 2020
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